Igal Fedida

Alan Levine

I deeply explore the extensive study of Arabic / Judeo philosophy. My “Genesis” series is a treaty on the meanings of creation and addresses itself to themes including the “big bang” and Adam and Eve. It is a visual account of what has been recorded in sacred Jewish writing and expressed by oral traditions of the beginning.
The series is the journey of many years meditation over the Torah (bible), the Talmud (oral bible) and the Kabala (mystic bible) all in Judaism.

Levine received his BFA and MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. During his MFA, he was in charge of the wood shop, which gave him the facilities to learn all about woodworking. He has created both sculpture and furniture, sometimes mixing the two together. His sculptures have been influenced by Kandinsky, Moore, and Brancusi.

Samantha Carell

Samantha was this years featured painting for the poster art at the Manayunk Art Festival. Come experience Carell’s Art Collection