Harmony in Diversity

Old City Jewish Art presents “DEEP SIX: Harmony in Diversity”, from May 1-28, 2017. Deep Six is a group of six artists who have shown together previously and are now reuniting with new work and new vision.

The name, “Harmony in Diversity”, is a reflection of the group itself, which includes differences in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, and day jobs. Perhaps most importantly, there is diversity in each artist’s choice of medium, artistic style, and creative process. What’s in a name? For Deep Six, their harmony of thought and collective work ethic are like the lyrics of a well constructed song. When viewed together, their work provides the melody flow of working together are like the words of a song that fit so well with the beat of the music. When the variety of art created by Deep Six is viewed together, it creates a harmony of its own, as if one melody.