Back to Nature

Adelson Galleries is excited to announce our collaboration with OCJAC, the Old City Jewish Art Center in Philadelphia, PA. In this show, we sought to exhibit work that addresses and challenges our shared concerns about the effects of human progress and intervention on the natural world. In our ever-hastening world, spurred on by factors like technology, social media, politics and business, it’s easy to forget where we come from, nature. In an effort to reinforce the value of a healthy relationship with nature, this exhibition features an array of artists and artwork whose work targets and challenges our contemporary relationship with the natural world. We hope that these works inspire visitors in multiple contexts; both in terms of art and nature, with the ultimate goal of helping visitors reevaluate their own relationship to nature. We are proud and thankful to OCJAC for this collaboration and their commitment to enriching their diverse community through the Arts.

It's especially powerful that this exhibit is occurring during the time of the Jewish year when we celebrate the holiday of Sukkot. For eight days we "dwell" in the Sukkah - a rudimentary hut covered with only branches of natural vegetation. In this way, we expose ourselves to natural elements and remember that ultimate control rests with the divine.