Current and Upcoming Exhibits at OCJAC

Miriam Dretler

November 12 - December 31 

     Works on paper were painted with watercolor and gouache in the countryside of England,          Scotland, Cape Cod, Maine, and Pennsylvania. Being outside and studying nature is a great      education and thrill. To create art in this way is an inspiration.

    "When  I started to become a painter I got more connected to my Jewishness. It’s funny          that not until this year did I see this after speaking with a friend who is a very              spiritual Jewish woman.  


    In a conversation she said to me ” Miriam this is G-d’s gift to you.”


    I realized in this past year after taking my Jewishness to a new level,  while lighting my     Shabbat candles and studying Judaism newly after my many years of American Hebrew school       and a 6 month Ulpan program in Israel  my father encouraged in college, that this               creativity with painting is coming from a higher source. A higher power.



    G-d is coming through all of us.  My creativity and talents are a gift from G-d and  I am      dedicating my life to honoring these talents and gifts.  I am a Jewish woman. I am blessed. 


    Count your blessings and remember the source of your creative life." - Miriam Dretler

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